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1996 House Sold

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about Oxford. House sold for £70k in Oxford in 1996 sells for £415k in 2021.

1996 House Sold

HOUSE prices in Oxford have sky-rocketed over the years with some homes now being sold at five times the price they did 25 years ago.

According to HM Land Registry data on property site Rightmove, a three-bedroom detached bungalow in Hawthorn Avenue sold for £70,000 in July 1996.

But when it was put on the market more recently, it sold in June 2021 for £415,000.

We’ve put together a list of 10 houses in Oxford comparing their selling prices in the 90s and noughties to now.

Location: Hawthorn Avenue, Headington
  • Property: 3-bed semi-detached house
  • Price sold in July 1996: £70,000
  • Price sold in June 2021: £415,000
Location: Cranbrook Drive, Kennington
  • Property: 3-bed detached house
  • Price sold in November 1996: £88,000
  • Price sold in June 2021: £410,000
Location: Stable Close, Oxford
  • Property: 3-bed, semi detached house
  • Price sold in June 1998: £132,950
  • Price sold in July 2021: £585,000
Location: St Georges Manor, Mandelbrote Drive, Littlemore 
  • Property: Terrace house
  • Price sold in June 1999: £225,000
  • Price sold in August 2021: £585,000
Location: Nightingale Avenue 
  • Property: 4-bed terraced house
  • Price sold in 1997: £66,995
  • Price sold in 2021: £315,000
Location: Percy Street
  • Property: 2-bedroom terrace house
  • Price sold in October 2003: £221,000
  • Price sold in August 2021: £415,000

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