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Oxford Council Tax

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about Oxford. Oxford council tax most expensive in county.

Council tax in Oxford is the most expensive in the county and some of the most expensive in the England, comparative data shows.

Oxford Council TaxResearch conducted by Quittance Legal Services compared council tax in all valuation bands from all UK Local Authority, Council and Unitary Authority regions for England, Scotland and Wales, for the tax year 6 April 2021 to 5 April 2022.

The research revealed that in terms of Band D properties Oxford residents were paying the most expensive in Oxfordshire, at £2,130.64.

Overall, Oxford is has the 10th most expensive council tax for Band D properties in England.

Oxford came just behind Hastings in the country-wide league table, as Hastings is £1.91 more expensive.

In Oxfordshire, Cherwell was the second most expensive in the county at £2,040.90.

However, it was much lower down the overall league table for England, in 54th place.

West Oxfordshire has the cheapest council tax for a Band D property in the county, as it comes in £125.75 cheaper than Oxford.

Council tax prices for Band D properties in Oxfordshire:
  1. Oxford – £2,130.64
  2. Cherwell – £2,40.90
  3. South Oxfordshire – £2,034.99
  4. Vale of the White Horse – £2,028.73
  5. West Oxfordshire – £2,004.89

Overall, residents in Rutland pay the most in England for a Band D property, forking out £2,194.76 this tax year.

Westminster, on the other hand, was the cheapest with residents paying just £829.27.

Search by area name in the table below to compare council tax prices for each band. Click on a column heading to sort from highest to lowest.

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