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Oxford Needs Homes

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about Oxford. Oxford Needs Homes.

Oxford City Council has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the action its housing company is taking to meet Oxford’s urgent need for new homes.

Oxford Needs Homes The #OxfordNeedsHomes campaign will highlight how Oxford City Housing Ltd (OCHL) will build nearly 1,900 new homes for sale. Rent in and around Oxford over the next 10 years.

An Oxford Needs Homes page on the council website will allow people to track progress on current and future developments. The campaign will involve creating hoardings around new developments telling the 100-year story of council housing in Oxford. The council will also encourage people to use the #OxfordNeedsHomes hashtag to talk about their experience of growing up in council homes.

OCHL is currently building 144 homes on 12 sites around Oxford, with more than 50 of these expected to be completed over the summer. The housing company is preparing to submit planning applications for over 100 more homes during the same period.

Why Oxford needs homes

High demand and scarce availability mean that Oxford is the least affordable place for housing in the UK. People on average outcomes are priced out of the housing market and private rents are nearly double the average for England as a whole.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), in 2019 the median house price was £395,000 – 12.55 times median gross earnings (£31,472) in the city. For England as a whole, the median house price is 7.83 times median earnings. The cost of housing in Oxford puts home ownership out of the reach of people in occupations. These are like teaching, nursing, transport and retail.

Half (49.3%) of homes in Oxford are now in the private rented sector, where the ONS reports a median private rent of £1,500 a month for a three-bedroom home. The equivalent amount for England as a whole is £795.

Meanwhile, there are currently more than 2,850 households on the council’s housing waiting list.

Many of Oxford’s most important workers cannot afford to live in the city. They are now living in Bicester, Banbury or Witney and face lengthy commutes on overcrowded roads every day.

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